Friday, August 20, 2010


Look at her. Hewn from  rock. Set against the mars red sky. She sends a rivulet of compassion  into the primal ooze of humanity in which she is immersed. Immobilised. Her eyes closed in the meditation required to keep an open heart. A single bloom at her breast, the sweet fragrance of hope that keeps her present to a world of pain. She is patience personified. ....BUT all that composure and eyes closed caper, sure means she misses out on a lot of ACTION !!!!!  Can't stay there forever ! Grow some arms and get down in the dirt girlfriend.

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  1. Hey Sally, we have a friend in common, Sally L in Goodwood, Adelaide. I'm the friend that moved to Tassie.
    I was in Ubud in August and loved it. I wish that I had known earlier that you were there. We stayed in Bentuyung at a villa and I didn't do anything too strenuous (like cooking etc.)for two wonderful weeks!
    Anyway, I await your next post - it's keeping the wonderful memories of Ubud alive!