Monday, July 5, 2010

Rat Wars

9pm. 27 degrees. Lying in a sweat, menopausal, tropical, pungent. My neck itches from constant damp, my hair like a salt laden mop. Outside lurking.........the rats. Before I go to bed the trap is set by the gap in the front door that lets them in. Every drawer and cupboard in the kitchen closed or we get up in the morning to rat piss in the cutlery drawer or rat monsters in the tea bag box when we go, delirious from their night time gnawing's on our bedside table, to make a cuppa at breakfast. Too many nights, armed with a shoe chasing rodents as they straddle gaps between wardrobe and wall, painting and tiles, shelves and floor. Three dead of shoe, one by wardrobe and one by tea bag box thrown roughly to the floor. Each body disposed of in the toilet conjures images of zombie rats in sewers taking their revenge on our bare arses as we sit, poised for flight. They are everywhere!!

1 comment:

  1. I see that you are still struggling with the rats and that they seem to be managing to break through all of your barricades and making it into the kitchen and bedroom. It sounds horrendous - you poor things - I don't think I could cope !!!!