Friday, June 25, 2010

Legitimately illegitimate

My camera has broken and I cant find a pic in my previous stash to inspire me. I want to know who is reading this anyway and why I am pulled back to it again after 2 months of traipsing across the globe to bury my mother, lose miserably at golf, and tennis and archery at some Club Med in the Whitsundays and catch up with nearest and dearest in Oz. What makes me think that anything I might be writing on the topic of writing and living in Bali might be worthwhile? Or is "worthwhile" just some erroneous concept that I need to ditch completely and stop bogging myself down with the ridiculous need to legitimise what I am doing.? Illegitimate blogging...that's what I'm doing. Although secretly I wish, like in the case of several other peoples stories I've heard, that my blog would get picked up by some publisher or film maker or something and become a huge "success". Legitimised. On second thoughts....I think I might have a picture that fits my headspace right now.

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